Formerly, in the construction of big cathedrals, there existed an important task which was the supervision and co-ordination of all the different works. This role was taken by experienced people who had worked in all the various positions and so knew perfectly all the works with all their imperfections and problems and could value and price a well done work. That person was an “Aparejador”.
This profession has evolved during the years to what nowadays is known as Technical Architect

A Technical Architect is a professional in construction, who can work both for public organisations and for companies, whether these be private or run by an official authority. The most common and the most well known of the jobs we do is the supervision and running of building sites, as we are responsible for seeing that the architect’s plans are carried out properly. Other possible functions for Technical Architects are Valuations, Technical Report for sinister, full projects for opening licenses (documentation requested by Town Halls), Refurbishment projects, Decoration projects, and in general any technical task that needs the intervention of a competent professional.

Since may the 6th 2000, the Law for Edification was put into effect (LOE), in which the Technical Architect´s tasks are described exhaustively.

For any construction work, according to the LOE, an Architect and a Technical Architect are needed. The first one assumes functions as the director of the work in the technical, aesthetic, urban development and environmental aspects. The Technical Architect is the director of execution, assumes the function to direct the material execution and to control qualitatively and quantitatively the construction and the quality of the building.

So, if somebody wants to have a house build, it is necessary to call in a Technical Architect right from the moment that the building licence is applied for. The choice of technical architect is made by de developer of the land.

N. Meinesz